Blue Flower

Good Morning. Rise and Shine.
You are so divine.
So good looking. Just beautiful through and through.
Like a dove you reign.
Amazingly smart and talented.
Gentle. Harmless. Pure. Innocent. White as snow.
Emblem of peace.
Opposite of a trouble maker.
Never a faker.
Wouldn't dare be a flaker.
A deal maker.
A mover and a shaker.
A giver and not a taker.
Always standing in truth and kneeling in reverence to your maker.
Fierce yet extremely kind.
Tell the devil to get thee behind.
Avoiding trouble at all costs while quietly going on about your business.
Defenseless and exposed,
yet open hearted and not hard nosed.
Indifferent about being opposed.
Always composed.
White gloved.
Be wise as a serpent and as gentle as a dove.
Embrace this world and everyone in it with nothing but love.



Have a great week. God bless you. You got this.


Que :"They Don't Really Care About Us" by Michael Jackson, "Give Me You" by Shana Wilson and "Sense It" by Tasha Cobbs Leonard

Read: Mat 10:16, Pro 15:1-4, Col 13:12, Phi 4:5, Tit 3:1-2, 2 Tim 2:24-26, Jas 3:17, Jon 13:34-35, Isa 30:18-19