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Kill Them With Kindness - At Work In Corporate America

Kill Them With Kindness. What Does That Even Mean?

Coworkers being triffling? - Kill Them With Kindness. Boss being mean? - Kill Them With Kindness. People in general getting on your nerves? - Kill Them With Kindness. Have you ever sought out to "Kill Them With Kindness?" What does that even mean? 

Has "killing them with kindness" been the best way to respond to people on your job or in life in general?

Many have said "kill them with kindness." What does that really mean? Is that really necessary?

Killing someone with kindness takes plotting, pursuit, forethought, scheming, unnecessary interactions and a spirit of vengeance. Killing them with kindness throws joy, peace and love out the window. Consciously killing them with kindness robs you of the ability to forgive them and to just let the situation go. Killing them with kindness flames the fire of conflict.

Instead of killing them with kindness would it be easier to just be kind?

Ann Frank is quoted as saying "In the long run the sharpest weapon of all is a kind and gentle spirit." Her statement doesn't appear temperamental. "A kind and gentle spirit" sounds like an unwavering characteristic independent of external circumstances or provoking people.

So instead of reacting with a defensive "I'm going to kill them with kindness" try shifting to an offensive position of just being kind. Always have self control. Always be slow to anger. Always be slow to speak. Avoid quarrels. Avoid strife. Especially at work but wherever you go, do not have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments. Love your enemies and continuously pray for those who persecute you. Be still and let God fight your battles.

"Killing them with kindness" is out, "simply being kind to everyone" is in. Be kind to those who are worthy and those who are not. Those who have been good to you and those who have not. Those who are for you and those who are not. Those who help you and those who don't. Those who root for you and those who are jealous of you and waiting for you to fail. Those you have to work with and those you don't. Those who uplift you and those who don't. Those who are "good people" and those who are not. Those who like to start a bunch of drama and mess and those who who don't.

With all people and in all circumstances,
- Respond with kindness.
- Diffuse with kindness.
- Forgive with kindness.
- Complete your tasks in kindness.
- Keep it moving from the drama with kindness
- Pray in kindness.
- Love in kindness.
- Give with kindness
- Be kind

This is not easy. Please do not think it is. Don't ever feel condemned if you are still a work in progress. This a long term goal and a reflects a major cognitive shift for most people. Making this type of shift will take time but hang in there. The eternal rewards are worth it.

What steps have you taken to become a more "kind and gentle" soul? Have you noticed a difference with those you work with? Are you seeing a shift in your corporate environment? Comment below.