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Kind Acts At Work 

Acts of Kindness On The Job

Being kind is easy, right? Well, it's easy to be kind to those you like, love, care about or don't know. There isn't a reason not to be kind to those folks. Being kind doesn't come as naturally for most people when the task centers around those they don't like, don't trust, or don't respect nor those who have made them suffer or caused them pain. Being kind doesn't come as natural when the person you are to be kind to has gossiped about you, slandered you, lied on you, plotted against you, bullied you, mistreated you, have gotten others to mistreat you, been dismissive towards you, manipulated situations involving you and so on.

There may be people that you work with that you treasure and then there may be people whom you work with that you could care less about. To you, there are those who are just there taking up space and air. Intentionally, please be kind to both. The following reminds us what is means to be kind in the work place and beyond.

What Does It Mean To Be Kind? What Is Involved In Being Kind? What are acts of kindness?

What Are Kind Acts?

  • Kind Acts abound in love
  • Kind Acts are peace seeking
  • Kind Acts are honorable
  • Kind Acts are sincere
  • Kind Acts are giving
  • Kind Acts are generous
  • Kind Acts are righteous
  • Kind Acts are gentle
  • Kind Acts are patient
  • Kind Acts are tender hearted
  • Kind Acts are unsuspecting
  • Kind Acts are unexpecting
  • Kind Acts can be made by anyone
  • Kind Acts can provide mutual blessings
  • Kind Acts can diffuse and deter 
  • Kind Acts go beyond simply being nice
  • Kind Acts go beyond simply not being unkind
  • Kind Acts have eternal favor
  • Kind Acts are not self serving
  • Kind Acts are not to be carried out as a result of evil plots
  • Kind Acts aren't to be done begrudgingly
  • Kind Acts aren't insincere
  • Kind Acts aren't revenge seeking
  • Kind Acts aren't made out of anger
  • Kind Acts aren't done with malice
  • Kind Acts aren't always reciprocated
  • Kind Acts don't cause drama
  • Kind Acts don't stir up strife
  • Kind Acts don't fester in gossip
  • Kind Acts don't cause brawls
  • Kind Acts don't result from or encourage slander
  • Kind Acts don't require anything in return
  • Kind Acts don't produce dissension
  • Kind Acts don't include lies
  • Kind Acts don't slander
  • Kind Acts don't bring shame on others
  • Kind Acts don't have to cost a thing

Be kind.

Well, now that you know what being kind is and isn't, you may be wondering "Can I choose who to be kind to? Some people don't deserve my kindness." That is up to you but the Word says you have to be kind to everyone including coworkers you can't stand.

Reflecting on the above, have you truly been kind to those you come into contact with on a daily basis? Does your work environment promote kindness between staff and across organizational levels? Can you be kinder to you peers, boss, or employees at work? Do you believe Corporate American culture in general promote kindness between workers? If so, how? If not, what can be done to make Corporate America a kinder place? Comment below.

Prayerfully ask God for wisdom on practical ways to demonstrate kindness and examples of kind acts that you can perform in your workplace. List some examples of ways one can be kind below.