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Unexpected Overtime Unexpected Rewards


One day Gary and his team were working late on a project that had

deliverables the next morning. Everyone was tired and it was well past office hours. People wanted to call it a day but everyone knew the team's success was more important that their fatigue. Everyone wanted to see successful results so without hesitation they all made personal sacrifices to stay at the office without overtime pay. Gary, knew how hard his team was working and really wanted to do something special and unexpected for them. He wanted to do something kind. He printed the menu from the local steakhouse and passed them to each member of his team. He called in their orders and then went and picked up dinner for each person. Not only were they not expecting Gary to be so kind to buy everyone dinner they were beyond grateful that he sprung for steak. Gary also felt that his team was very kind to stay, work hard, work late, and give it their all without complaint. Everyone seemed to be so kind.


Moral Of The Story: It's okay to be kind, plan kind acts and make kind gestures. Being kind never gets old. However don't expect kindness to come naturally to others. Some people are kind and some people are not.
If you work in Corporate America, please don't expect everyone you work with to be a kind and gentle soul. Corporate America is made up of many people stemming from many difference backgrounds, all having different moral characters and differing levels of intergrity and human decency. While kindness should be a universally understood language that everyone can speak, many people you may work with will need a kindness pocket translator. They'll need a remedial class. On the other hand there will be many others who will be unimaginably kind. They will shock you with their kindness. They will leave you thinking "Wow. What a kind person." Treasure those people. Receive their gestures with gratitude and thanksgiving.

Regardless of which situation you encounter, work hard, stay focused, be kind to everyone including the unkind, pray for those you work with, stay strong and do good. You never know how you'll be rewarded.