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What Are The Things or Who Are The People That Test Your Patience At Work?

In the words of Tamar have you ever thought "They tried it!" Who or what is trying your patience in your office? Below is a general list of possibilities that can test one's patience at work.

People or Things That Test Your Patience At Work

1. A Difficult Boss or Employee
2. A Shady Boss and or Coworkers
3. Nosy Colleagues
4. Offensive Coworkers
5. Inefficient Processes and Systems
6. Internet and Computer Problems
7. People Who Are Late To Meetings or No Shows
8. Poor Trainers or Teachers
9. Trainees Who Can't Grasp Concepts
10. Unclear Tasks or Assignments

People or Things That Test Your Patience At Work(continued)

11. Ever Changing Tasks or Assignments
12. Failed promises (Dangling Carrots)
13. Condescending People
14. Backhanded Compliments
14. Unexpected Overtime
15. Unnecessary Meetings
16. Avoidable Travel
17. Micromanagers
18. Jerks or Rude Staff
19. Bullies and Other Cowards
20. Instigators

People or Things That Test Your Patience At Work(continued)

21. People Who Miss Deadlines
22. Being Thrown Under The Bus
23. Being Accused of Things You Didn't Do
24. Needy Coworkers
25. Oversharers
26. People Who Try To Pass Off Their Work To You


Have any of the aforementioned people or things ever tested your patience? What was the situation? How did your respond? If you haven't dealt with any of those, have your experienced something else that has tested your patience? Comment below.