Blue Flower

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After lunch Livy and Foley returned to the office where they had meetings all afternoon. The admin stopped by to warn everyone that in this low plane area floods were common and that  the waters were starting to rise. Foley didn't listen. They stayed till the end of the day. As they started out to return home on back country corn filled roads, it was effident that the admin wasn't lying. The corn fiels looked soaked and the roads were beyond wet. They were 40 miles away from the highway. Livy prayed that they would make it through and not get flooded out. Livy was too done with Foley. She maintained her cool but had been slowly losing patience throughout the day.

Thank goodness the rising waters didn't overtake them and they made it to the highway. They experienced slow downs the entire ride home. By the time they got back to the office it was 9:30 p.m. By the time Livy got home it was closer to 10 p.m. Livy silently swore to never get in the car with Foley ever again.