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Lesson Learned From Jordyn Woods Interview With Jada Pinkett Smith on The Red Table Talk Show (continued)


High EQ

- LL: Jordyn appeared to display a high level of EQ during her meeting with Jada
- CA: EQ is definitely more important that IQ as a factor of success within the workplace. Focus on improving your EQ.


Stand In Your Truth

- LL: Jordyn refused to accept the responsibility for breaking up Khloe's family. It wasn't her truth.
- CA: Don't take the fall for things you didn't do. Do sign off on or agree to false claims. Stand in your truth. Everyone else's opinions is just that, their opinion,


High Self Esteem

- LL: Jordyn and Jada discussed the public crucifixion that she faced, how people who look like her and Jordyn are known to be disregarded and disrespected within the American culture, are not given the benefit of the doubt, are targeted, and have all the blame put on them. Without strength, self esteem and a support system this situations could've easily broken Jordyn beyond repair. Thank goodness appears to not have.
- CA: Don't ever count on others to build you up (if some does great but don't count on it). Don't be surprised at the disregard and disrespect and the lack of courtesy of the benefit of the doubt that you may experience. Don't be surprised when jealous, cowardly haters attempt to destroy your confidence or tear your down. Don't let the evilness and opinions of others enter your mind or attack your spirit. You need to be so self assured, so self confident, so self aware, so prayed up, that if and when people try to break you, elminate your self confidence and tear you down, that you recognize it for what it is. You have to proceed to smile, laugh, stand tall, put your shoulders back, put you head up and held high and keep it moving through it all as if there wasn't even a conversation interchange.