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Lesson Learned From Jordyn Woods Interview With Jada Pinkett Smith on The Red Table Talk Show (continued)


Double Standards

- LL: Many have called out the Kardashians for cheating and stealing taken men during their time in the spotlight since their reality show first aired. Kim allegedly stole Kanye from Amber Rose, Khloe allegedly stole French from Trina and Khole  allegedly stole Tristan from his ex Jordan, Kylie alledgely stole Tyga from Blac Chyna. The list goes on and on. None of them were demonized or subjected to the crucifixion that they tried to impress upon Jordyn.
- CA: If you are a woman or person of color don't be surprised when what goes for the goose doesn't go for the gander. Don't be surprised when you experience ever changing standards and rules of engagement. Don't be surprised when you experience unfair situations. It's all part of corporate life


Crabs In The Barrel

- LL: Black Twitter has called Malika a hypocrite and a crab in the barrel
- CA: Unfortunately, some people think there is only room for one. Crabs in the barrel exist in every workplace. Pay them no mind.


Past Lives On

- LL: When Khloe twitted that Jordyn destroyed her family, the twitter universe was quick to reminder her of every tryst that she had with taken men and that Tristan allegedly a know cheater was the one she was in the relationship with.
- CA: Don't past judgement in general but definitely on someone who has done something that you yourself are guilty of. People will try to dig up dirt and throw your past in your face. Don't fall for the okie doke. Stand in your truth. Every experience that you have had good, bad, ugly or sad has made you who you are today. Your life is full of testimonies. Your testimonies are you shinning glory.