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Lesson Learned From Jordyn Woods Interview With Jada Pinkett Smith on The Red Table Talk Show'



- LL: When the story first broke it appeared that the media was destroying Jordyn's reputation. Post the Red Table Talk interview it seems that her reputation has slightly rebounded.
- CA: Blackballing is real and often based on false premises, half truths and evil vengeful intents. You need to be thoroughly networked and connected to control the narrative. Ultimately, Jesus controls your reputation so give the task of protection your reputation to him.



- LL: Thank goodness Jordyn network exteneded past the Kardashians klan and she was able to share her truth on Jada Pinketts Smith's Red Table talk show. The other media outlets were portraying a much different narrative than Jada allowed her to tell.

- CA: Your network needs to extend past your current employer. It's very foolish to not be involved in professional associations and have a thriving business network beyond your present employer.


Powerful Mentor/Friends

- LL: Thank goodness Jordyn had access to and the support of one of the most powerful couples in Hollywood, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith.
- CA: Everyone should have mentors, sponsors and relationships with people several levels higher than where they are in their careers. You resources and investments including those of human capital should always be diverse and spread across multiple streams or outlets. If you don't foresee that happening within you current organization internally then please note the previous point and network externally.