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Lessons Learned From The Khloe, Tristan and Jordyn Cheating Scandal (continued)


No Guarantees

- LL: Everyone is dispensable. The Kardashians appeared to have discarded Jordyn whom has been an intimate part of their family like a piece of garbage off the street within the blink of an eye. There was no mercy or benefit of the doubt given to that child.
- CA: Everyone is definintely dispensable in the workplace. There are companies with "revolving door" cultures because one wrong move and you are out. Long gone are the days of lifetime employment.


Back Up Plans

- LL: Jordyn moved out of Kylie's lush guest house after the scandal. Luckily she had a pot to piss in, aka her momma house to move back into.
- CA: This defintiely directly follows the previous point that everyone is dispensable. Regardless of where you work or how much you are making you need to be saving for a raining day. Ideally you should have multiple streams of income coming in. 


Stay Focused

- LL: Khloe and Jordyn both went on to work engagements during the height of this scandal. Bills still gotta get paid in the midst of drama. They each kept working. They didn't let the drama and nonsense mess with their money or livelihood.
- CA: Getting caught up in a bunch a drama is foolish. Don't allow others to pull you into a bunch of nonsense and mess with your money. Don't allow others to convince you to walk away from God's blessing. Keep your mind focused on the tasks assigned, do your job well, and remember drama and nonsense don't pay the bills.