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Lessons Learned From The Khloe, Tristan and Jordyn Cheating 


Trust No One                        

- LL: Can you imagine two of the people closest to you betraying you in the way this storied played out? Not only did it destroy long term friendships and familial relationships but it caused worldwide embarassment and disgrace to all parties involved. With friends like these who needs enemies?
- CA: Do betrayals take place in the workplace? Of course they do, the popular corporate phrase "CYA" was not just randomnly pulled out the sky. Betrayals of all kinds take place in work groups throughout corporations across the world everyday. No need to be jaded or cynical, just be careful.


Frenemies Abound

- LL: "They smile in your face while all the time they want to take your place. Them backstabbers." That song has to be playing over and over in Jordyn's mind when she thinks about the people she considered friends whom she was at that house party with the night in question. Not only did they go to the media with the story (some of them worked in the media which should've been suspect to begin with) but none of them have subsequently publicly had her back. The group of girls that she was with that night clearly were not friends but frenemies maybe even enemies. Frenemies who were spying, lying and nowhere to be found when Jordyn was sitting around at her mamas house being all sad crying.
- CA: Frenemies or "work friends" abound in the work place. There are people who are willing to throw you under the bus in the blink of the eye and claim the didn't put out their foot in front of you as you were walking by to cause you to trip into the oncoming traffic of the bus. The workplace can definitely be filled more with alliances than genunine friendships. The friendships made at work are typically situational and don't often last past the duration of joint employment.


Hiring Friends

- LL: Khloe had hired Jordyn to model for her Good American clothing line and Kylie had partnerships with Jordyn for her lip kit products. Many old wise men and women have warned about mixing business with pleasure primarily because if and or when you fall out it gets ugly.
- CA: Many people lend towards hiring friends. If two candidates have the same credentials many people will hire the one who is the best fit with the culture and they can see being "friends" with. There is no right or wrong answer in this. Sometimes hiring friends works, sometimes it doesn't.