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Khloe Kardashian, Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods Cheating Scandal Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned from Jordyn Woods Interview with Jada Pinkett Smith

Can These Lessons Learned Be Applied Within A

Corporate American Work Environment?

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard mention of the latest Kardashian family drama. Khloe Kardashian's baby daddy and boyfriend NBA star Tristan Thompson allegedly "cheated" on her with her youngest sister Kylie Jenner's best friend of nearly a decade, 21 year old Jordyn Woods. The Kardashian sisters and their "friends" have unfollowed Jordyn Woods on all of their social media accounts, have made disparaging remarks about her on various social media posts, and their fans have attacked her. Jordyn Woods has subsequently gone on long time family friend Jada Pinkett Smith's online Red Table Talk Show to share her truth. Let's explore the lessons learned from this situation and how some of these human truth may be applied within your work life in Corporate America.


Lessons Learned From The Khloe, Tristan and Jordyn Cheating 


Trust No One                        

- LL: Can you imagine two of the people closest to you betraying you in the way this storied played out? Not only did it destroy long term friendships and familial relationships but it caused worldwide embarassment and disgrace to all parties involved. With friends like these who needs enemies?
- CA: Do betrayals take place in the workplace? Of course they do, the popular corporate phrase "CYA" was not just randomnly pulled out the sky. Betrayals of all kinds take place in work groups throughout corporations across the world everyday. No need to be jaded or cynical, just be careful.


Frenemies Abound

- LL: "They smile in your face while all the time they want to take your place. Them backstabbers." That song has to be playing over and over in Jordyn's mind when she thinks about the people she considered friends whom she was at that house party with the night in question. Not only did they go to the media with the story (some of them worked in the media which should've been suspect to begin with) but none of them have subsequently publicly had her back. The group of girls that she was with that night clearly were not friends but frenemies maybe even enemies. Frenemies who were spying, lying and nowhere to be found when Jordyn was sitting around at her mamas house being all sad crying.
- CA: Frenemies or "work friends" abound in the work place. There are people who are willing to throw you under the bus in the blink of the eye and claim the didn't put out their foot in front of you as you were walking by to cause you to trip into the oncoming traffic of the bus. The workplace can definitely be filled more with alliances than genunine friendships. The friendships made at work are typically situational and don't often last past the duration of joint employment.


Hiring Friends

- LL: Khloe had hired Jordyn to model for her Good American clothing line and Kylie had partnerships with Jordyn for her lip kit products. Many old wise men and women have warned about mixing business with pleasure primarily because if and or when you fall out it gets ugly.
- CA: Many people lend towards hiring friends. If two candidates have the same credentials many people will hire the one who is the best fit with the culture and they can see being "friends" with. There is no right or wrong answer in this. Sometimes hiring friends works, sometimes it doesn't.

Lessons Learned From The Khloe, Tristan and Jordyn Cheating Scandal (continued)


No Guarantees

- LL: Everyone is dispensable. The Kardashians appeared to have discarded Jordyn whom has been an intimate part of their family like a piece of garbage off the street within the blink of an eye. There was no mercy or benefit of the doubt given to that child.
- CA: Everyone is definintely dispensable in the workplace. There are companies with "revolving door" cultures because one wrong move and you are out. Long gone are the days of lifetime employment.


Back Up Plans

- LL: Jordyn moved out of Kylie's lush guest house after the scandal. Luckily she had a pot to piss in, aka her momma house to move back into.
- CA: This defintiely directly follows the previous point that everyone is dispensable. Regardless of where you work or how much you are making you need to be saving for a raining day. Ideally you should have multiple streams of income coming in. 


Stay Focused

- LL: Khloe and Jordyn both went on to work engagements during the height of this scandal. Bills still gotta get paid in the midst of drama. They each kept working. They didn't let the drama and nonsense mess with their money or livelihood.
- CA: Getting caught up in a bunch a drama is foolish. Don't allow others to pull you into a bunch of nonsense and mess with your money. Don't allow others to convince you to walk away from God's blessing. Keep your mind focused on the tasks assigned, do your job well, and remember drama and nonsense don't pay the bills.

Lessons Learned From The Khloe, Tristan and Jordyn Cheating Scandal (continued)


People Don't Change

- LL: Tristan cheated on Khloe at least once before and he allegedly cheated on his first baby mother with Khloe. His actions reflect that of a cheater. From the wisdom of the late great Maya Angelou when a person shows you who they are believe them
- CA: Companies should carefully analyze an employee's history and background and an employee should thoroughly vet a company. Both parties should be very informed of what they are getting into to prevent living in regret.


Preconcieved Notions

- LL: People will believe what they wan't to believe. You may not always be afforded the benefit of the doubt. Khloe appeared convinced that Jordyn broke up her family and had sexual relations with Tristan until Black twitter took her to task. Jordyn denied both and has offered to take a lie detector test
- CA: Within your career in Corporate America, no matter what you do, no matter what you say, no matter how you dress, no matter how you look, no matter how good your work, no matter how strong your qualifications, there are going to be people who won't like you, won't respect you and go out of their way to discredit you and plot against you. There will be no convincing them other than what they have been preconditioned to think. It is what it is. Let them do what they do and keep it moving. Stay in peace.


Old Bullies

- LL: Jordyn is 21. At 34, Khloe is substantially older than her and Kim and Kourtney and their friends are old enough to be the girl's mother. Instead of having grace and imparting wisdom on the child they bullied her. Their fans of all ages bullied her.
- CA: You'd be surprise at the age of some the biggest bullies, instigators and drama mongers in Corporate America. Many are old as dirt and have been misbehaving without punishment for decades. Stay prayed up.


Broken Spirit

- LL: It wasn't enought to bully and embarrass Jordyn, the wanted to crucify her at the stakes. They wanted her to live eternally condemned. They appear to have wanted to break her spirit.
- CA: One of the oldest tools of harrassment and intimidation next to strategic exclusion is to break your spirit. You are worthy, you are mighty, you are strong. Don't let your spirit be broken by those you work with. Don't allow yourself to be pulled into their sphere of misery. Don't allow self doubt to creep through.


Lesson Learned From Jordyn Woods Interview With Jada Pinkett Smith on The Red Table Talk Show'



- LL: When the story first broke it appeared that the media was destroying Jordyn's reputation. Post the Red Table Talk interview it seems that her reputation has slightly rebounded.
- CA: Blackballing is real and often based on false premises, half truths and evil vengeful intents. You need to be thoroughly networked and connected to control the narrative. Ultimately, Jesus controls your reputation so give the task of protection your reputation to him.



- LL: Thank goodness Jordyn network exteneded past the Kardashians klan and she was able to share her truth on Jada Pinketts Smith's Red Table talk show. The other media outlets were portraying a much different narrative than Jada allowed her to tell.

- CA: Your network needs to extend past your current employer. It's very foolish to not be involved in professional associations and have a thriving business network beyond your present employer.


Powerful Mentor/Friends

- LL: Thank goodness Jordyn had access to and the support of one of the most powerful couples in Hollywood, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith.
- CA: Everyone should have mentors, sponsors and relationships with people several levels higher than where they are in their careers. You resources and investments including those of human capital should always be diverse and spread across multiple streams or outlets. If you don't foresee that happening within you current organization internally then please note the previous point and network externally.

Lesson Learned From Jordyn Woods Interview With Jada Pinkett Smith on The Red Table Talk Show (continued)


Double Standards

- LL: Many have called out the Kardashians for cheating and stealing taken men during their time in the spotlight since their reality show first aired. Kim allegedly stole Kanye from Amber Rose, Khloe allegedly stole French from Trina and Khole  allegedly stole Tristan from his ex Jordan, Kylie alledgely stole Tyga from Blac Chyna. The list goes on and on. None of them were demonized or subjected to the crucifixion that they tried to impress upon Jordyn.
- CA: If you are a woman or person of color don't be surprised when what goes for the goose doesn't go for the gander. Don't be surprised when you experience ever changing standards and rules of engagement. Don't be surprised when you experience unfair situations. It's all part of corporate life


Crabs In The Barrel

- LL: Black Twitter has called Malika a hypocrite and a crab in the barrel
- CA: Unfortunately, some people think there is only room for one. Crabs in the barrel exist in every workplace. Pay them no mind.


Past Lives On

- LL: When Khloe twitted that Jordyn destroyed her family, the twitter universe was quick to reminder her of every tryst that she had with taken men and that Tristan allegedly a know cheater was the one she was in the relationship with.
- CA: Don't past judgement in general but definitely on someone who has done something that you yourself are guilty of. People will try to dig up dirt and throw your past in your face. Don't fall for the okie doke. Stand in your truth. Every experience that you have had good, bad, ugly or sad has made you who you are today. Your life is full of testimonies. Your testimonies are you shinning glory.

Lesson Learned From Jordyn Woods Interview With Jada Pinkett Smith on The Red Table Talk Show (continued)


High EQ

- LL: Jordyn appeared to display a high level of EQ during her meeting with Jada
- CA: EQ is definitely more important that IQ as a factor of success within the workplace. Focus on improving your EQ.


Stand In Your Truth

- LL: Jordyn refused to accept the responsibility for breaking up Khloe's family. It wasn't her truth.
- CA: Don't take the fall for things you didn't do. Do sign off on or agree to false claims. Stand in your truth. Everyone else's opinions is just that, their opinion,


High Self Esteem

- LL: Jordyn and Jada discussed the public crucifixion that she faced, how people who look like her and Jordyn are known to be disregarded and disrespected within the American culture, are not given the benefit of the doubt, are targeted, and have all the blame put on them. Without strength, self esteem and a support system this situations could've easily broken Jordyn beyond repair. Thank goodness appears to not have.
- CA: Don't ever count on others to build you up (if some does great but don't count on it). Don't be surprised at the disregard and disrespect and the lack of courtesy of the benefit of the doubt that you may experience. Don't be surprised when jealous, cowardly haters attempt to destroy your confidence or tear your down. Don't let the evilness and opinions of others enter your mind or attack your spirit. You need to be so self assured, so self confident, so self aware, so prayed up, that if and when people try to break you, elminate your self confidence and tear you down, that you recognize it for what it is. You have to proceed to smile, laugh, stand tall, put your shoulders back, put you head up and held high and keep it moving through it all as if there wasn't even a conversation interchange.

There you have it some of the lessons learned from the Khloe, Tristan and Jordyn cheating scandal and some of the lesson learn from Jordyn's interview with Jada Pinkett Smith on her Red Table Talk Show that you can apply in your work life. Noting all that has been laid out what has been the most intriguing lesson learned? What has been the most surprising lesson learned? How will you pratically apply the lesson learned within your career or daily work life. Comment belo.