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Prayer for the Embattled at Work

Dear Lord, thank you for another day. Thank you for endless peace and blessings. You know what they are experiencing at work. Protect them. Give them peace. Give them unbreakable joy. Give them strength. Give them the power to ignore those who insult them. Givem the them strength to ignore those who encamp around them. Dear God, give them the ability to smile through it all. Give them the confidence to know that they can stay still as you are fighting the battles. Give them the comfort to know they are protected. Give them the ability to put their head down as they are being encamped and attacked and the strength  when the attacks are over to rise up and smile as if nothing has happened. Let no insult, seed of discouragement, seed of self doubt, seed of insecurity, seed of hatred, seed of vengeance or seed of unforgiveness take root within them. Give them the power to start each day anew with a renewed mind and sense of peace