Blue Flower

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You are wearied. You think about giving up. You think about throwing in the towel. You want to say to your persecutors "You win. I don't need this job. I am worth more than this." And you are worth more than what you are experiencing. Just hold on a little while longer. Remember that you serve a God who won't give you more than you can bear. You serve a God who allows you to put your head down while being surrounded by colleagues hurdling insults your way and not fight back not because you can't but because nothing good comes out of repaying evil with evil.

You know that those who persecute you are acting out of fear, jealousy, inherit weakness, hatred and insecurities that truly have nothing to do with you. You pray for those who curse you. You know they are starting drama with you to distract from their uselessness. You know that God has sent you to be a light in a dark place and that your steps are ordered.