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Words of Encouragement and Prayer

You've taken a stance of peaceful resistance. You've decided not to respond to the hatred with more hate. You've decided to ignore the insults. You've decided to not give light to the antagonistic behavior. You've been the victim of slander, gossip, bullying, harrasing attacks at work. You've reported it to your boss and nothing has changed.

The culprits have been people who have been both senior and junior to you at work. You beliefs have taught you to take the high road and not repay evil for evil but to love your enemies and to be kind to those who insult you, those who despise you, those who plot against, those who persecute you. You've endured more than anyone should have to bear. All you've done is try to have a career and make a living and you've been meet with unjust attack after unjust attack.

You've had your work space invaded. You've had your personal space invaded. You've resisted the urge to fight back, cuss or argue.

If you knew how toxic the work environment would be you would've never taken the job. You're in a place were harrasment and bullying isn't frowned upon but encouraged, supported by management  teams who are also active participants.

You are wearied. You think about giving up. You think about throwing in the towel. You want to say to your persecutors "You win. I don't need this job. I am worth more than this." And you are worth more than what you are experiencing. Just hold on a little while longer. Remember that you serve a God who won't give you more than you can bear. You serve a God who allows you to put your head down while being surrounded by colleagues hurdling insults your way and not fight back not because you can't but because nothing good comes out of repaying evil with evil.

You know that those who persecute you are acting out of fear, jealousy, inherit weakness, hatred and insecurities that truly have nothing to do with you. You pray for those who curse you. You know they are starting drama with you to distract from their uselessness. You know that God has sent you to be a light in a dark place and that your steps are ordered.

As those you work with try to tear you down, try to provoke you into conflict, encamp you, try to get you to fight with them, try to embarrass you, try to turn others against you, try to pull you into the place of misery, don't take the bait. You know anyone who witnesses and partakes in their attacks are just as bad as they are. Be strong in the midst of being embattled. Whether you are dealing with one or an office full of hateful people, don't succomb to the nonsense.

You are amazing. You are beautiful. You are handsome. You are kind. You have a clean heart, a righteous spirit and a renewed mind. You are well abled. You are loved. You are a source of light. You don't have to fight to prove your might. You work speaks for itself. You don't have to say a word. You don't need to defend yourself. You can stay calm when they attempt to make you look bad. Like those who came beore you, continue to take a stance of peaceful resistance. Stand still. Sit Still. Let God handle it for you. Trust Him. Stand on His word. Stay in peace.

New doors are opening. New opportunities are coming your way. Opportunities will chase you down. People will be good to you. New seasons of endless blessings are within reach. Stay in peace. Act in Love. Have joy. Don't give up. Don't give in. Stay strong. Have faith. You are so loved. Words can not begin to express how great, mighty, strong and wonderful you are. Receive God's grace and continue to take it day by day.

Prayer for the Embattled at Work

Dear Lord, thank you for another day. Thank you for endless peace and blessings. You know what they are experiencing at work. Protect them. Give them peace. Give them unbreakable joy. Give them strength. Give them the power to ignore those who insult them. Givem the them strength to ignore those who encamp around them. Dear God, give them the ability to smile through it all. Give them the confidence to know that they can stay still as you are fighting the battles. Give them the comfort to know they are protected. Give them the ability to put their head down as they are being encamped and attacked and the strength  when the attacks are over to rise up and smile as if nothing has happened. Let no insult, seed of discouragement, seed of self doubt, seed of insecurity, seed of hatred, seed of vengeance or seed of unforgiveness take root within them. Give them the power to start each day anew with a renewed mind and sense of peace

Dear Lord I pray for the attackers. I pray that you give them the ability to see that there is a better way to handle their anger and let out their jealous rage. Dear God, I especially pray for the cowardly men in the workplace who harrass, bully, try to embarrass, belittle, insult, slander, confront, encamp around and attack women. I pray that you bring about real men in their lives to show them how to behave. Lord have your way and let you will be down. In the name of Jesus, I pray Amen.