Blue Flower

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Words of Encouragement and Prayer

You've taken a stance of peaceful resistance. You've decided not to respond to the hatred with more hate. You've decided to ignore the insults. You've decided to not give light to the antagonistic behavior. You've been the victim of slander, gossip, bullying, harrasing attacks at work. You've reported it to your boss and nothing has changed.

The culprits have been people who have been both senior and junior to you at work. You beliefs have taught you to take the high road and not repay evil for evil but to love your enemies and to be kind to those who insult you, those who despise you, those who plot against, those who persecute you. You've endured more than anyone should have to bear. All you've done is try to have a career and make a living and you've been meet with unjust attack after unjust attack.

You've had your work space invaded. You've had your personal space invaded. You've resisted the urge to fight back, cuss or argue.

If you knew how toxic the work environment would be you would've never taken the job. You're in a place were harrasment and bullying isn't frowned upon but encouraged, supported by management  teams who are also active participants.