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Why Do I Have No Peace At Work and No Peace At Home

Meet Nubella:

Nubella joined her company right out of college a couple years ago. She doesn’t really

like what she is doing or where she works. She complains about her job all the time. She has a weekly happy hour with her friends and they all sit together and complain about their jobs. They share in each other’s misery. They find comfort in the fact that they are not alone in their trials. Not only does Nubella bring her problems to her friends she also brings them to her family and anyone else that she meets. Nubella spreads her pain to everyone. Nubella has no peace at work and no peace at home. She has not been happy. She can't sleep. She has no peace of mind whatsoever. 

One day on her way to her weekly happy hour Nubella met Jesse. Jesse introduced Nubella to Jesus who told her that she need to stop drowning her problems away in alcohol. He let her know that no matter how many martinis, margaritas or amaretto sours she indulges in that peace would not come. He let her know that she needed to change her perspective. That she needed to look at the bright side. She needed to think about the good that her job brought. That she was gaining financially and professionally which in turn would enlighten her personally. She needed to stop surrounding herself with miserable people. Shee needed to change her efforts. She could change her life if she tried. The fact that Nubella had no peace at work and no peace at home could all be changed.

Nubella followed Jesus’ advice and soon noticed a big difference in her life. She slowly started to be happy. When she stopped complaining all the time, started counting her blessings and got rid of her miserable crew she felt something new. She felt Peace.

Moral of the storyYou can have peace too. Focus on the good in life. Trouble will come. Problems will come. Less than pleasant situations will exist. But if you follow Jesus, learn his word, follow his advice, then you too can have peace. Remember “The LORD will give strength to His people; The LORD will bless His people with peace” Psalm 29:11 NASB