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Responding to Peace Stealers At Work (Recognize, Acknowledge and Combat Peace Stealers)

  • Anger Is A Peace Stealer:
    Everyone experiences the feeling of anger every now and then but do not be easily provoked and forgive quickly. Don't let the sun go down with you having anger and being angry. Pray for the ability to release all anger and let it go before going to sleep. Don't give into or act out your anger. Ecc 7:9, Eph 4:26
  • Confusion Is A Peace Stealer:
    Where there is confusion there is no peace. Try to gain understanding and knowledge and overcome any confusion. 1 Cor 14:33, Pro 2:6, Jas 1:5
  • Disappointments Are Peace Stealers:
    Everything is not going to go you way all the time. No one is perfect and everyone will experience a disappointment or two. Don't let a temporary disappointing setback defeat you. Mourn the situation, pray over it and then move on. Don't let a disappointing event steal your peace. Psa 30:5, Jer 29:11
  • Dissension and Discord Are Peace Stealers:
    Don't be a willing participant in or instigator of a bunch of nonsense. There is no need for dissension and discord in the workplace. As far as it depends on you, you need to be at peace with everyone. As a manager you have the power to bring peace within your team. Please stop contributing to and encouraging discension and discord amongst your staff.  Mat 5:9, Heb 12:14, Rom 12:18
  • Envy Is A Peace Stealer:
    - God made you who you are. God has given you everything you need to have in accordance with what you can bear. Don't not covet your neighbor. Do not be envious or jealous of your coworker. Stop being jealous of your employees or boss and support a team environment. Be a team player and honor the role you have been given. Be grateful for who you are. Practice love. Remember that love does not envy. An envious heart and mind CANNOT be at peace. Be zealous for the Lord. Pro 14:30, Job 5:2, Jas 3, Pro 23:17-18
    - If you are the victim of jealous attacks and envious colleagues, fret not. Be still and give them to God. Build them up and stay in peace. Psa 37, Rom 15:2