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Increase your 401K contribution career resolutions 2018 FGCC

2018 Career Resolution #15 Optimize Your 401K

-Increase your 401K contribution percentage

The best parts of having a 401K are that your contributions are tax deductible and that your company may match your donations. Many of us can afford to contribute more to our 401K as time goes on. If that is you, plan to

Ira and 401k

2018 Career Resolutions #14 IRA

- Set up an IRA in addition to your company sponsored retirement plan

The are annual contribution limits in most company sponsored retirement accounts. Some companies dont offer retirement plans at all and a few that do dont offer matches. So its important to know whether your company

Get fit incorporate exercise into your work day career resolutions 2018 FGCC

2018 Career Resolution #18

- Incorporate exercise into your work day

There are many ways to ensure you have a physically active life when you have a desk job. There are many desks exercises and stretches that can be done throughout the day. If you work in a building with more

Get A New Job Seek A Promotion or Lateral Transfer

2018 Career Resolutions #12 Get A New Job

- Seek a promotional opportunity or lateral move by transferring to a different department

Sometimes you can grow and develop without changing companies. Also, sometimes there is only one major player in your field where you live and you don't want to move so you don't have a choice but to stay at your current company. In these cases you can look for

Develop A Retirement Plan FGCc

2018 Career Resolution #13 Plan for Retirement - Develop a retirement plan especially if you are nearing retirement age

If you fail to plan you plan to fail. Remember life doesnt end at the same time as your career. Most of us have career goals but not many of us have post career or retirement goals. Do you know what you will do once you retire? Would you take the option to retire early if your company offered it to you? Would you be in a healthy emotional, financial and spiritual position if your company forced you into early retirement? Are you financially able to retire at the standard retirement age? How long will your money last? Can you afford to live to 100?

If you can't answer these question in addition to making a career development plan please be sure to make a retirement plan.

What are your dream retirement goals? Let the FGCC family know in the comments below.

2018 Career Resolutions 11 Be A Leader Take A Leadership Course FGCC

2018 Career Resolutions #11 Become A Leader

- Take a leadership course

Many have asked the question "Are leaders born or made?" I would argue that

Have A Career Plan

2018 Career Resolution #10 Have A Career Plan

- Outline a career development plan

Remember that you are in charge of your destiny. You have to have goals and a plan to achieve the goal. Everyone should have a short term and long term career plan that gets

2018 Career Resolutions 9 Network More Join A Professional Association or Organization

2018 Career Resolution #9 Network More

- Join a professional network or two

Professional Organizations are great! They exists for virtually every profession. They provide networking events, professional enrichment activities, mentoring, chances to earn

Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking Join Toastmasters 2018 Career Resolutions 8 FGCC

2018 Career Resolution #8 Public Speaking

- Join Toastmasters

One of the most fulfilling organizations that I've ever been involved in has been Toastmasters. This organization is designed to help individuals improve their

Earn Your CERs continuing education requirements

2018 Career Resolutions #7 CERs

- Meet your continuing education requirements

Most professional certifications require that you complete a certain amount of ongoing courses to maintain the certification designation. These courses are often referred to as

Focus on your professional development attend a conference this year

2018 Career Resolutions #6 Annual Meetings

- Attend a professional conference

Many organizations sponsor annual conferences. If you are an engineer, NSBE has a conference; if you are a mathematician, NAM has a conference; if you work in project management, PMI has a conference and ASQ has a conference for six sigma professionals. In addition to these functional or field  specific conferences,