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My Arch Nemesis Has Just Been Promoted To Be My Boss

My arch nemesis at work was just promoted to be my boss. What to do? Is it safe to work for my archnemesis? Comment below, "Had it been me, ...?"

Dealing With The Office Beggar 

Can you be gentle with the office beggar?

Let's talk about the beggar. That one who has been begging you for it. The beggar is that one coworker

Happy Friday. Time to wind down another work week. Hope you

My Company Is Moving To Another State

My company is moving to another state. They have offered

Meaning of Gentleness
What is Gentleness? What does gentleness include? What does it encompass? What does gentleness reflect?

Rise and Shine God Has You On His Mind


Good Morning. Rise and Shine.
You are